Mobile Glass Service

It doesn’t take much to damage your windshield—just a pebble at the wrong place and time. Larger objects can cause major damage, and any damage can lead to visibility problems. Sometimes a small hairline crack gets worse with time and before you know it your car is not drivable. Other times a busy schedule doesn’t leave you time for on-site repair work. That’s why our mobile glass service in Toledo is so convenient. With our help, you have easy, anytime access to high-quality auto glass and repair services. Choose Sylvania Auto Restyling, take advantage of our NO Leak Guarantee and get glass repair wherever you need it.


Choose comprehensive mobile glass services

Windshields are damaged with much greater frequency than other vehicle glass. This doesn’t mean other areas won’t be affected. Cracks, breaks, chips, and other damage can impact safety on any side of your vehicle. Damage makes it hard to see pedestrians and other cars. It may also allow natural elements like water to seep in and ruin the inside of your vehicle. We can repair or replace:

  • Windshields
  • Back glass panels
  • Quarter glass panels
  • Front door glass
  • Rear door glass
  • Hatch glass

Mobile Glass Professionals

There are two major factors that impact the quality of your replacement—the workmanship of the technician and the material quality. We deliver the best of both. We always use the right glass for your vehicle and only hire highly skilled auto glass technicians.

Our technicians perform top-tier work. Delivering one of Toledo’s most trusted mobile glass services means dedication to the customer and their car. Our technicians are adept at every step in the process. This allows them to quickly and easily adjust—whether it’s their approach to removal or the method of repair. Our technicians know how to effectively use all 4 methods of glass extraction, and what situation requires each.

After removing your windshield our technicians clean and prep the area. We’ll then remove any remaining old urethane and apply new urethane for a leak-free seal. In as little as 10 to 20 minutes after mounting, your windshield will be ready for you to drive.


All our work is done with high-quality materials. There are 3 different materials used in the installation of auto glass. All of our replacement glass and materials meet or exceed mandated safety standards including mandated impact ratings. Safety is crucial, and we make it a priority.

Urethane is the glue used to prevent leaking and hold your windshield firmly in place. We use industry leading Sika Mach 60. It uses Fortified Polymer Technology to achieve a tensile strength of 1000psi. With a curing time under 60 minutes before you can drive safely, it’s perfect for getting you on the road faster.

Replacement molding is used to channel water away from the windshield. We only use molding made from genuine treated rubber. These moldings provide the perfect amount of malleability without compromising temperature resistance or durability. We depend on it year round, no matter what the Northwest weather brings.


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You don’t need to leave home for exceptional auto glass services. Our technicians provide on-site replacements wherever you are. Get the mobile service you need, when you need it. Call or contact us now.