Windshield Replacement

Call on our auto glass replacement and repair company in Toledo, Ohio, for windshield repairs and replacements, including antenna windshields. At Sylvania Auto Restyling, our services are for residential and commercial customers, and cover all makes and models, including antique cars, heavy construction vehicles, and farm equipment.


Your windshield is a critical component of your car’s safety system. As a safety device, its role is to stay in place and keep occupants inside the vehicle during impact. It is the back board for the inflating passenger side air bag and provides crucial crush resistance support for the roof, in case of rollover. A replaced windshield must not compromise any safety standards for your family that were part of the original vehicle design when your car rolled off the assembly line.


Below are 2 important facts that Sylvania Auto Restyling would like the Toledo community to understand.


1. Auto Glass is not “Just Glass” – Know the difference. On a new car, every part comes from the original equipment manufacturer (the OEM), including the windshield. For windshield replacement, you have the option to select a replacement made by a company that manufactures OEM windshields or glass made from non-OEM manufacturers (“aftermarket glass”). Both OEM and aftermarket glass must comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.


2. An OEM replacement windshield is produced from original equipment-style tooling. This type of windshield will have the appearance of your car’s original windshield and will fit properly in the window frame making noise and leakage problems much less likely. OEM glass manufacturers partner with automobile producers to enhance overall functionality and improved performance. Because of their close work with carmakers. OEM manufacturers have a greater knowledge of the engineering demands a car can place on the windshield and their replacement windshields are made using the same quality assurance systems as for new vehicles. Safety glass is used in all automobile glass.


Sylvania Auto Restyling also replaces any piece of glass or mirror in your vehicle or heavy equipment, including:


• T-Tops
• Back Glass
• Mirrors
• Door & Vent Glass
• Moon & Sun Roofs


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